Vehicular Antennas from Hascall-Denke

Exceptionally durable, even under the toughest conditions, vehicular antennas from Hascall-Denke are built of robust construction and provide you with superior performance, regardless of the environment. For enhanced resilience, many of our vehicular antennas are designed with heavy duty spring bases, allowing them to withstand severe impacts and vibration. For a car, truck, police vehicle, and more, Hascall-Denke antennas come in many designs, such as:

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Vehicular Antennas 

Frequency Bands
Ground independent vehicular antenna for VHF and UHF band operations
(1Y47050) MVDP30X17AH
30-512 MHz
(1Y07950) MVMP2X30
2-60 MHz
(1Y05150) MVMP20X6
20-120 MHz
(1Y33900) MVDP25X4
25-110 MHz
(1Y01825) MVMP30X3
30-90 MHz
(1Y04600) MVMP30X3AB
30-90 MHz
(1Y01875) MVMP30X17
30-512 MHz
(1Y01900) MVDP30X17
30-512 MHz
NSN: 5985-01-606-1692
(1Y44200) MVDP30-88 & 225-512
30-88, 225-512MHz
(1Y09450) MVDP30X17AB-383 GREEN
30-512 MHz
(1Y19900) MVDP30X17DAC
30-512 MHz
(1Y21300) MVDP30X17AD
30-512 MHz
(1Y00116) MVMP100X4AB
100-400 MHz
NSN: 5985-01-413-7074
(1Y06700) MVDP100X5
100-512 MHz
(1Y09420) MVDP100X5AB-383 GREEN
100-512 MHz
(1Y33950) MVDP100X8
100-800 MHz
(1Y03600) MVDP110-175
110-175 MHz
(1Y35750) MVDP100X5AE
130-500 MHz
(1Y02700) MVMP132-174
132-174 MHz
(1Y01800) MVMP146-446
146-446 MHz
(1Y14700) MVDP150-162-GPS
150-162 MHz
(1Y05550) MVMP153-163
153-163 MHz
(1Y05050) MVDP200X3
200-500 MHz
(1Y03650) MVDP225X2
225-450 MHz
(1Y10850) MVDP225X2AB
225-512 MHz
(1Y10000) MVDP225X9
225-2000 MHz
(1Y10500) MVDP400X5
410-2100 MHz
(1Y11750) MVDP400X5AB
410-2100 MHz
(1Y02725) MVMP438-470
438-470 MHz
(1Y10200) TTA450ES-2
445-465 MHz
(1Y14650) MVDP450-464-GPS
450-464 MHz GPS
(1Y07150) MVDP470X2
470-700 MHz
(1Y03700) MVDP500X5
500-2500 MHz
(1Y21350) FXMIMO698-2700
698-2700 MHz
(1Y30800) MVDP700-960-5
700-960 MHz
(1Y23950) MVDP700-2700, REV A
(1Y16500) MVDP800X3AC
806-960, 1800-2170 MHz
(1Y14350) MVDP800X3
824-960, 1710-1990 MHz
(1Y26250) MVDP1350-2700-D
1350-2700 MHz
(1Y17700) MVDP1400-1650-2
1400-1650 MHz
(1Y12450) MVDPXMS
1575-1602, 2320-2360 MHz
1575-1602, 2320-2360 MHz
(1Y30100) MVDP1755-1815 _ 2200-2270
1755-1815, 2200-2270 MHz
(1Y17850) MVDP2.0-2.5-4
2000-2500 MHz
(1Y04500) MVDP2300
2200-2400 MHz
(1Y16150) MVDP2.3-2.5-7 _ 1710-2170
2300-2500, 1710-2170 MHz
(1Y33050) MVDP2.4-2.7-7
2400-2700 MHz
(1Y30850) MVDP2.5-2.7-6
2500-2700 MHz
(1Y09500) MVDP4.4-4.9-7-D
4400-4900 MHz
(1Y23700) MVDP4.4-5.0 _ 5.0-6.0-7-D
4400-5000, 5000-6000 MHz
(1Y14800) MVDP4.4-5.0-9-D
4400-5000 MHz
(1Y18850) MVDP4.4-5.0-7-D
4400-5000 MHz
(1Y19400) MVDP4.4-5.0-7-DAB
4400-5000 MHz
NSN: 5985-01-673-2555
(1Y31600) MVDP4.4-5.0-6-D
4400-5000 MHz
(1Y31750) MVDP4.4-5.875-7-DAB
4400-5875 MHz
(1Y35700) MVDP4.4-6.0-7-D
4400-6000 MHz
(1Y29350) MVDP4.9-6.0-6-D
4900-6000 MHz
(1Y19250) MVDP5.0-6.0-7-DAB
5000-6000 MHz
NSN: 5985-01-673-2835
(1Y19350) MVDP5.0-6.0-7-D
5000-6000 MHz
(1Y16100) MVDP6.0-10.0-2
6000-10000 MHz

 Antennas Accessories

Built with special attention to durability, our vehicular antennas are designed with such features as foam-filled fiberglass radomes, urethane coatings, and non-corrosive metals, providing incomparable stability and resistance to the elements. Whether you’re looking for an antenna for a military vehicle or any other application, Hascall-Denke can help you. Not only do we have many existing designs of vehicular antennas, we specialize in custom design services. If you don’t have exact specifications, our skilled engineers can work with you to create a vehicular antenna that is built exclusively to suit your requirements.

Whether it’s on the battlefield or simply out on the road, our vehicular antennas provide you with reliability you need. If you would like more information about vehicular antennas and the other services provided by Hascall-Denke, please call or e-mail Hascall-Denke today.