High Gain Handheld Antenna

136-174 MHz (1Y52800) MPMP136-174AB

The MPMP136-174 is designed to provide maximum performance and superior reliability for Kenwood NX and TK series radios. This antenna is able to operate in the folded position, allowing the user the flexibility to adapt the antenna to suit their needs.


  • 4 to 8 dBi increase in gain over stock antenna
  • Foldable Radiator
  • Operates in folded position
  • Extends range
  • Robust construction



    Electrical Specifications
    Frequency  136-174MHz
    Polarization  Vertical
    Impedance  50 Ω Nominal
    VSWR  < 2:1
    Gain  -2 to 2 dBi ± 0.5
    Radiation Pattern  Azimuth 360°
    Power  10 Watts
    Connector  Proprietary Design
    Mechanical Specifications
    Design  Monopole
    Weight  3.1 oz (88 grams)
    Height  20.5 in. (0.53 m)
    Mount  Proprietary Design
    Color  Black