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Since 1986, Hascall-Denke has been designing and manufacturing military and commercial antennas for many applications such as base station, manpack, vehicular/marine and other special applications. We also produce high grade mounts for masts, vehicles, and other structures. For more information or help to find your needs, please call or e-mail Hascall-Denke today.







Excuses don’t get results.  Selecting the right antenna does.  During the communications planning process don’t let antennas be an afterthought.   Make HASCALL-DENKĒ your first stop for satisfying your antenna requirements.


Bond expects nothing less than the best…shouldn’t you.






Bond stopped by the office today to pick up his MANET antennas for his next mission.

In a Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) clear voice, data, and video communications is a must.  Our state of the art radiating element provides higher gain and maximum isolation between bands providing seamless connectivity with Software Defined Radios.

At HASCALL-DENKĒ we are a leader in the development, design, and manufacturing of MANET antennas. Our customers demand the best for their radio’s, shouldn’t you?







Bond learns about the variety of antennas that Hascall-Denke provides for his missions.  Bond expects nothing less than the best, shouldn’t You?

Even the best radio is useless without the right antenna.  Make sure you have a Hascall-Denke antenna on your radio!