Manpack Antennas from Hascall-Denke

Constructed to endure the toughest of environments, manpack antennas from Hascall-Denke combine precise craftsmanship with strong, high-quality materials to bring you the most durable and reliable antennas possible. Offering a wide variety of sizes and styles, our manpack antennas are available for any application,  commercial or military. Whether you need the exceptional versatility of our blade antennas or the convenience of an antenna with a ball arm adjustment, we’re sure to have manpack antennas that fit your needs including:

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Manpack Antennas 

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Along with our many pre-existing designs for manpack antennas, Hascall-Denke can also create custom antennas built to fit your specifications. Even if you’re not exactly sure what you need, our experienced and skilled engineers can work with you to determine the best solution and to create manpack antennas that are perfectly suited to your requirements. With decades of experience behind our designs and our craftsmanship, we’re confident you’ll be not only satisfied, but impressed with the quality of both our manpack antennas and our customer service.

If you would like more information about manpack antennas and the other services provided by Hascall-Denke, please call or e-mail Hascall-Denke today.